Friday, March 27, 2009

Skin Food Since 1957...Hehe... I went to Skin Food..last week I already bought something from there for my 'big' day and the salesgirl had gave me Herb Salad Moisturiser sample...very smooth when you applied to your skin and I already fall in love with that, the salesgirl today (Jessy) so kind that she want to put on some make up on me..huhu..
Those who know me must be laughing at me right now..hehe..
This is how I looked when the 'make up' was on my face..but I think the eyes part was not very good match seems that my eyeball is big enough..huhu
But one thing for sure..their products is smooth and perfect for sensitive skin...and the price also very sensitive...huhu..demi kecantikan...uhukss...(mampus kalau abg tau..huhu)

Can we called it fierce face...uhuhuh..tamoo..but I already booked my lovely cousin Kak, natural make up only...Kalau tak I nampak tuer...huhuhuhu

Siap2 to go to a tummy ache and got a good sleep already and now I'm ready to go on with my night shift..huhu..

No make up laa if want to go to work..night shift pulak tu..haiyaa..I'm not that kind of person loerrr...Only for certain and important occation only...hehe

ok chows


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