Sunday, March 22, 2009


Last Sunday was a MLAT sensor maintenance timee...
It's my first time to do the maintenance..hehehe...padan muker..nak sangat but enjoy sbb dpt jalan2..hehe..tkdelaa duk dlm office jer..hehe..

Well, actually this picture was taken on the right side of the runway..supposedly I wanna snapped when it started to airborne but missed it. Never mind..this coming sunday, i'm on duty and i think i'll be going again..hehe..i'll make sure to get that photo..huhu..

After checking the transmitter and receiver inside that white box..bergambo laa..ape lagik..hehe..that one is rajen kan..hehe..

Snapped snapped snapped..actually there's an aircraft behind me but wrong angle of my hand's projection...hehehe...

Just imagine..that longkang is 'big'..huge..the only path is on top of that batang paip..huhu..naseb baek Naeim tak tngkap gamba aku tgh jalan atas btg paip tuh...huhu..

Well..recently got so much to think about..i'm preparing for a 'big' day...hehe..

But still keep in touch with my page.. ;)

Take care guys!!


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